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UPS for HP Proliant ML 110G6 CTO Chassis

We have small business server in our office. Server is HP Proliant ML 110G6 CTO Chassis ( Intel Quad-Core Xeon Processor X3430. I want to connect it with UPS as well. I dont know how many KVA UPS is enough for this server. If electricity down than atleast UPS provide 30 to 1 Hour backup time. Please guide me.
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Just to add there's very little use keeping the server up for half an hour to an hour if all the workstations and network switches go down as soon as there is a power cut.
It might be usefull, but only if there's a big chance the power will be restored after those 30-60 minutes... Generally there are two types of power cuts: first there are small drops: sometimes even a fraction of a second, maybe a second at most. Any normal UPS will support your server through that. Second there are the longer-lasting power cuts. With those longer-lasting there's probably some manual work, like someone who has to go to the basement and switch the power back on, or a more general failure on the powergrid. Those interuptions can take a few minutes to a few hours.

Best practise is to buy a UPS which you can connect to your server (through USB or serial), and has software to shut down the server nicely if the batteries of the UPS run out. But that depends on how long the server takes to shut down gracefully, but I doubt it would take an hour or even half an hour.
The vendor websites usually have something to help you determine
You should also get enough power for your switches, firewall, routers.
Not good for those devices to just turn off and on.
But you also don't want your server running without proper cooling for too long
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Great help.