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best freeware nfs client Windows XP

we have a Linux Server with RHEL - 5 installed and NFS was configured,
all the NFS clients with Linux Fedora can able to access this NFS Share.

while Windows XP Client were unable to access this share we already tried with nfsAxe, ProfNfs
etc. but none of them worked.

is there any Windows XP NFS client Free ware , which was easily configurable like Linux.

I tried a lot in google , don't point me to search in google.
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I am using nfsAxe and everything is working fine. May be you have bad NFS configuration or some firewall in Windows XP?
You may want to give muCommander a try:
It's more than just a client: a filemanager with NFS support.

If it won't work, I guess - like rysic - that your NFS config or your Windows firewall could be the cause.
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Please try to use the below microsoft tool to mount nfs shares to XP

Follow the procedure at below url.

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Thank you very much for the help Ghousullah it has really worked
but i was facing a problem with Windows Clients they are unable to write data to nfs share
where as linux clients can able to write as nfs share.

the NFS Server was configured with ip and partition as /data/share with user name as engine and group as mysql with permissions as 770 to /data/share

The clients in Linux will login as user engine and share was mounted as
mount  -t nfs /sharenfs

The Linux can able to read/write on /sharenfs

The Clients in Windows will also login as user engine and  share was mounted as
mount  -t nfs G:

The Windows clients were only able to read the data and when trying to write this was throwing an error disk was write protected how to resolve this.

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Mohamed Ghousullah Hafeez
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