Job posting + Job application nodes - with node reference URL

Hi All,

I have setup two nodes on my site, one is a job posting & another is job application. The Job application has a node refernece URL field, that references the job posting it is applying for. I then created a view TAB to show all the applicatisn for a current job.

What I would like to do is add a button to each Job Application, that allows the auhtor of the Job postig node to choose a winning applicant.  The winning job application should then somehow be made visible that its the winnng applicant for that particular job.

Any ideas  
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I would make another content type called something like "Winning Selection". The you could hide the title, hide the body, and put a node reference to the one they choose.

You could use this module,, to make it so "Winning Selection" also has a node reference to the job application.

I bet you're going to need to end up writing a custom module with a bunch of PHP code.
Hagay MandelCommented:
You can simply add a field 'WinningAplicant' to your 'Job' content type, and add an attachment tp your view, that will include a list of applicant to each job.
By selecting the winning applicant from this list, the Job author can assign a valur (ApplicantId) to
this field, and another attachment will show the actual winning Applicant in conjunction with the Job itself.

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Hagay MandelCommented:
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