Make img float left if wider than viewport

I need help to make a <img> float to the left, if it is wider than the viewport.

My html looks like this :
<div id='main><img id="fbimg"/></div>

I load "fbimg using JQuery - but if the img is wider that the document I want it to float to the left - making the right (not the left) part of the image visible, so the left part of the img is pushed to the left out of the #main's left border.

I guess I need some CSS also - overflow:hide or similar ?

See my JQuery JS code that loads the image :

$.getJSON("json.php",{action:"getFragtbrev"}, function(data){          
          var fn = "/i.php?fn="+ data[0].filename;
          //$("#main").html("<img src='"+ fn +"' id='"+ data[0].docid +"'/>")
          $("#fbimg").attr("src", fn).load(function(){
            enterlimit = data[0].enterlimit;  
            $("#tt").val("Indtast "+ data[0].enterlimit +" tal...").focus().select();

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Nest a div that contains only the image, and then set the LEFT MARGIN to a negative enough value that the image will fit.and float the div containing the image RIGHT! You can change the CSS using javascript, for example

<div id="imagediv"></div>

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and in javascript

var element = document.getElementById("imagediv");
element.innerHTML = (your code to generate image tag) = (calculate image width - viewport width - 10) //this line and next only if you need to"right";

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If you don't already have a way to determine image size, you can use this suggestion:

<script language='JavaScript'>
function getImgSize(imgSrc)
var newImg = new Image();
newImg.src = imgSrc;
var height = newImg.height;
var width = newImg.width;
alert ('The image size is '+width+'*'+height);

<IMG id='demoImg' src="">
<BUTTON onclick="getImgSize(document.getElementById('demoImg').src);">Get Image Size</BUTTON>

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sorry, that line should have been: = (calculate viewport width - image width - 10)

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to make the left margin negative enough that the right hand side of the image will fall within the viewport

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if ($("img").width() > $(window).width() ) {
 alert("ha its bigger")
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