Using Reports Recordset in a DCount Function

I am using this code in a ControlSource of a text box on a Report. It doesn't work as it doesn't like the syntax which states Me.Recordset.

=DCount("SatisfactionRating", Me.Recordset,"SatisfactionRating = 1")

Please advise if you know what would be correct syntax for the above function. Thanks.
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:

  Instead of Me.Recordset, you need to use whatever the report is using.  If it's a table, name the table.  If it's a query, name the query.

 You also could get the Dcount in code.

dpokerbearAuthor Commented:
Hi JDettman,

I know that [RecordSource] can be used and that just gets whatever table or query is listed under that property.

However, when I am opening the report using docmd.openreport, i specify a WHERE clause. So i actually need to work with the recordset you see, otherwise it will display all records for that table or query and I don't want that...
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Your not going to be able to get at the reports actual recordsource with anything other then code and a recordset variable.  If you cannot duplicate the where clause used to open the report and add the SatisfactionRating = 1 check as well, then your going to be left doing something like this:

Dim lngSatisfactionCount as long  ' Declared module level

In the OnLoad event:

  Dim rst as DAO.Recordset

  Set rst = Me.Recordset

  lngSatisfactionCount = 0
  Do until rst.EOF
     If rst![SatisfactionCount] = 1 then lngSatisfactionCount = lngSatisfactionCount + 1
  Set rst = nothing

 and then in the OnFormat of whatever section your printing this in:

  Me.<some control> = lngSatisfactionCount


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dpokerbearAuthor Commented:

I made a query to work around the problem.

Thanks for the effort in assisting me with this problem.
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