Borderless printing on regular consumer printers

So I have a client that wants me to make a ms word template for them with a header and footer. I made a nice layout with colors that go all the way to the edge of the document. When I tried printing it I realized that the printer was also setting it's own margins. This wouldn't seem like a big deal, but my nice layout / design doesn't look very professional with a fat border of white space. I did some research on this site and it seems that the only consumer way to print completely without margins is to buy a borderless capable printer. I was wondering if someone could list some of the best / cheapest consumer printers that are borderless capable. Or if there is a way to set up the clients printer so that they don't need to buy another printer. The printer they have also scans and faxes and made within the last year so its a decent consumer printer, im just not sure if its capable of borderless printing. I will post the make and model later today (27th) and hopefully someone can also tell me if the printer they have is capable of borderless printing.
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If the printer can actually do it, setting the margins to 0 will do it. Just be sure you are using Photo Paper when printing to the edge.

Borderless lasers are available, but they're fairly rare, Some Xerox colour lasers have a setting for it
Eg. Xerox Phaser 7750

& HP printers (including many HP Photosmart photo printers like the 245 and 7960 and many HP PSC all-in-ones) offer this innovative feature.
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Question :      
When printing borderless prints from InDesign and Colorburst 5.6.3, a white border or margin shows on the bottom of my prints. How do I fix this?

If your borderless prints are printing correctly on the top, left, and right sides but showing a white border or margin on the bottom, follow these steps to fix the problem:

   1. Open ColorBurst.

   2. Click the Printer Settings icon and place a check next to Edge to Edge Printing.

   3. Set the RIP on Hold, then send the print job to the ColorBurst queue.

   4. Double-click your print job in the ColorBurst queue. A File Attributes window appears.

   5. Deselect Maintain Proportions.

   6. Set Height to 101% under Scale By Percentage.

   7. The bottom of your prints should now come out borderless.

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->Canon Pixma iP3500  & Canon pixma ip5000 are Borderless Printers
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on a lot of hp printers, using custom paper smaller than 8.5x11 will print borderless especially inkjet printers.
Most inkjets will leave a top and bottom margin that you will have to cut off.

You can also have your paper die cut so that you can pop the margins off and are left with a marginless product.

Most laser drums don't go all the way to the edges, thus the margins, the top margin is there to keep the drum from gunking up the rest of the page (if it misses the paper it goes around and leaves artifacts later on the paper)

In short there are work arounds but, you will have a heck of a time printing marginless on a non marginless printer.
tyepoeAuthor Commented:
So the client has a LexMark x5650 . I just found a setting for borderless printing. There are still very small margins but I know that's the best I can do now. Its all good though, I just remade a design that has white on the borders so it looks nice now. Thanks everyone.
tyepoeAuthor Commented:
sorry I couldn't decide on which answer was the best since all your answers actually helped in there own way.
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