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5.1 Surround Sound Problem

I have a Samsung Blue Ray player with 5.1 surround connected via HDMI into to my Visio HD flat screen. I get surround sound when viewing netflix and DVD's, but when I'm watching my cable TV the sound does not work.  The sound comes out of the TV speakers and not the surround sound speakers.  The Coaxial cable is plugged directly into the TV.  The HDMI cable is plugged into the Blue Ray player out, and into the TV HDMI In.  What is the problem?
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You might want to try feeding the coax anttenna cable into the blue ray (if that is possible).
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The blue ray player has a coax connection, but it says it is for the FM Antenna. Will the Coax for the cable TV work on this connetion also?
No the coax connection for FM will not work for cable. Do you have a Cable Box? or is it just a coax from the wall? What kind of surround speakers do you have? Is there a receiver?
There is no cable box, the cable comes out of the wall.  There is no receiver, the 5.1 speaker wires plug directly into the back of the Blue Ray Player.  There are 4 speakers and a subwoofer.
With that setup you won't get surround from cable TV, there's no path for the audio signal to go from the TV back into the bluray player and out the speakers. Hope that explains it.
How about using another HDMI cable from the TV to the blue ray?
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Usually, an HDTV set will have options to send digital sound to an external receiver to get surround sound, or it can downmix it to stereo on the TV itself.  If your Samsung player has a digital sound input and it is connected to the surround speakers, this will work.  I don't think a bluray player will have an HDMI input, since it's designed to play discs, as opposed to a receiver, which is designed to switch inputs, but if it has one, you can try that.
Ok, I checked my Samsung Blueray and it does have 2 HDMI inputs.  However, the Vizio LCD has 4 HDMI inputs, but no HDMI outputs.
How about a dedicated digital sound output, usually designated as S/PDIF and looks like an RCA connector (coax) or an optical connector (toslink)?  If it exists, you will need the same input on the Samsung player, or a converter to HDMI to make use of those inputs.
Which Samsung player do you have?
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