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my secondary DNS didn't kick in...

Have 2 servers on my network (server 2008 std), one is DC the other one is also part of the domain and keeps a copy of all the AD stuff. It also runs a secondary DNS set to forward to the first AD.

I restarted the main AD DC this morning and tried continue to surf hoping that the secondary DNS would take over (as it has the second dns set in DHCP as secondary DNS). but it didn't. It was as if there was no DNS at all on the network.

why did this not work?

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Krzysztof Pytko
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Because your first DC with DNS service has configured forwarders (external DNS which has information about public DNS domains) and your second DC with DNS has not.

You can configure it on the second one and the Internet DNS query will work. Set up forwarders to your ISP DNS server or to one of publicly available (i.e. Google

and how your internal DNS query worked? Were you able to access any internal resources using DNS names? How did you configure your second DNS server (Primary ActiveDirectory Integrated zone, Primary zone, Secondary zone or Stub Zone) ?

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Hi Kryaztof,

I followed the instructions of the web. It basically instructed me to run the wizard, tell the wizard that the DNS i was installing was supposed to send questions to the main DNS, as so i did.

I am not sure what definition of configuration that makes it?
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Krzysztof, wow, what an awesome write up.

Just to be sure, the steps that you have lined up are to be executed on the main domain controller or the secondary one?
On the secondary one :) but you have to be sure that Primary is up and running during setting up secondary server

Always awesome when someone takes the time to hash the steps out instead of just linking to online articles.

class A job
Thank you for points and nice comment :)
ok, something went bad :-(

I did as you said, and it says that it can't create the zone , because it already exists...

what now
OK, we will check what went wrong :) but I'm sorry I had no time today to prepare a step-by-step guide for you.
I prepared test environment and tomorrow morning I will prepare a guide and post here to check from that list, what went wrong.

Hope you understand.

OK, here is promised guide :)
If you need further assistance, just let me know.

Awesome guide, so nice of you to take the time, works like a charm!
Great! I'm glad I could help :)