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VPN from one network to another

Never used VPN before and I am confused. Here are the facts:

-Two buildings on two separate networks
-Both buildings use the same accounting software
-Accountant in building one needs access to accounting software in building two
-There is not an extra machine in building two for the accountant to "Logmein" to
-Accountant has an account on both networks
-Building two operating system in Windows Small Business Server 2008

I figured that VPN'ing into the network would be the solution, but I don't know how to do it. Could someone get me going in the right direction? Can it be done with just Windows Small Business Server 2008?

Thanks in advance

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You might want to consider a site-to-site VPN setup with routers not software, that way the connection would always be there.
If you want to restrict the access to that accountant, the RAS client solution suggested in http:#a34429572 is ok. However, it requires manual dial-in to the other building.

A site-2-site VPN setup, as suggested by Alan, is fine if you want to have a more open connection, allowing both buildings to talk to each other. It can be implemented either with the SBS integrated RRAS (Routing and Remote Access), or VPN hardware, or other VPN software like OpenVPN (free, based on SSL encryption).
you can vpn by using your firewall depending which firewall you got?