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Outlook 2010, unwanted user showing in boss's folder list.

We have a user, the CIO of the organization I work in, who, in his outlook 2010 set up, sees one of our other department members in his outlook mail box list and he shouldn’t be there.  The user is not listed in outlook under open additional mail boxes, and the user does not have the CIO as a delegate.
What could be adding this user to my boss’s outlook list?
This has me pulling my hair out.
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Have you tried configuring a new Outlook profile? I wouldn't delete the existing one, just try configuring a new one and see if the issue persists.
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Did that. Issue persists
Hmm, what kind of rights does he have to the other mailbox? If he has no access and no delegated rights it shouldn't open the other mailbox for him.
He has full access rights, but he has full access rights to my mail box too and mine doesnt show inhis folder list, unless he adds it.  Opening it, I could understand, but it shows up on his folder list as if he had added it as an additional mail box.
Can he right-click and choose "close mailbox"?
When he does that, he gets a message that says that "the group of folders is associated with an email account, he should remove it from account settings" but the account is not there to be removed.  
Is this Exchange 2007/2010 or Exchange 2003?
Does either account show as something other than User in the EMC?
OK, next does it show the extra set of folders using OWA?
It does not
OK, the account isn't corrupted in AD then. If you log him into another PC and setup an Outlook profile do you get the extra folders? There may be user profile corruption on the PC he is using. You can also try opening Outlook on his PC with the clean profile switch, "Outlook.exe /cleanprofile"
The problem persists no matter which PC he logs into.  He has tried two so far.
Was there any difference loading Outlook with the /cleanprofile switch? Not that I think there will be if he gets the same issue on multiple PCs but it is worth a try for troubleshooting.
Actually, running the clean profile switch doesnt work at all "The command line argument is not valid"  Outlook 2010
I'll check and see if there is a Outlook 2010 equivalent.
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I called Microsoft and they had to walk be through this.  Took em two days to find it though.