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Compaq NX6110 wireless problems

I have a Compaq NX6110, reinstalled Windows XP Sp3 on it.  Reinstalled all the the drivers located on HP website, including the HP wireless assistant software.  However my laptop does detect a wireless DEVICE but no wireless networks.  On HP assistant software i see my wireless device but the only options i get is to turn on my wireless and it does not do anything if try to do so.  When i toggle my wireless button i get a "Wireless Disabled" or "Wireless OFF' thats the only options i get.  I'm stumped on what to do from now on so any help will be appreciated.

Also on a side note the BIOS does have the wireless radio on, i have reinstalled the drivers using the windows drivers with no solution, and i have manually installed the drivers downloaded from the HP website.  All of these does not get the wireless to detect any networks at all.
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Thanks yawbe

It did come across to me that the wireless card may be damage, i did find it semi connected to the mobo when i first noticed the Device Manager did not detect the wireless card at all.  I'll look around to see if there is any wireless cards laying around from old laptops if not then I'll recommend a USB wireless card to my superiors.  This is an old laptop and we just need it for small Office usage we didn't really want to spend any money at all on it. But thanks again for the advice.
a cheap wireless card for an old laptop could probably be purchased on ebay for almost nothing. 10$ or maybe 15$, depending on what type. mini pci is pretty cheap, i assume that is what i has,k since you said its an older laptop.
happy hunting