Outlook messages that have been marked "read" are getting marked "unread" automatically in a shared mailbox

We have a shared Outlook mailbox that receives a high volume of messages that gets shared among several users.  However, lately when someone has read a message and it gets marked as "read", the next day when he reopens that mailbox, the same message is again marked as "unread".

Either purposely or inadvertently, something is causing those messages' status to flip back to the unread status causing much confusion and extra work.  Is there a way to keep the "read" status locked down or at least determine who/what is causing this to change and rectify it?  This mailbox is hared with about 10 different users.  I know there are different ways to make a message appear "read" but to make it revert back to "unread" seems like it's being done manually or is something else causing this?
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David LeeCommented:
Hi, psi-gary.

No, there is no way to lock the read status down.  This is almost certainly being caused by someone knowingly marking the message as unread.  Outlook does not have a built-in means of determining who is doing this.  Is the shared mailbox a public folder or is it an actual mailbox account that's shared?

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psi-garyAuthor Commented:
It's an actual mailbox that's shared and not a public folder.
psi-garyAuthor Commented:
I found the culprit. (see below):

The emails being marked ‘read’ and ‘unread’ is not a system issue.  I have to mark them all unread to get a count to report them to KHPA everyday.

If that is how you keep track of where are you at in them, you may just need to mark down the date and time of the last email you screened, as I will still have to mark them unread each day.  Showing them as ‘read’ is not reflective of the work really remaining to be done.

The ones that are ‘accelerated-other’ or ‘CM’, are you still imaging, marking as so in the platform, and moving them out of the folder?  There are many emails that are marked ‘read’ each day that are still left in the box that should either be marked Urgent Med or no longer in the inbox.

Natalie Johnson
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