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NVIDIA Driver problem "stops responding"

I am running Windows 7 premium and i have 9500 gt. 1gb ddr2 video card.

When doing normal tasks or playing games on my computer i get the following error with my NVIDIA driver.

"Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has
successfully recovered."

The screen flashes black freezes and repeats that about four times then sometimes the computer bluescreens with a 0x0000116 code telling the problem with the driver nvlddmkm.

I already tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling the latest driver and still the same error. Then I tried installing a previous "known good" driver and no dice.

This seems to be a driver problem and not hardware but im really not sure where to go from here.

Thank in advance

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nVidia drivers are pretty much junk, and are not removed properly by nVidia,

uninstall with a program like this

There are other third part removers as well that do a much better job and increase your chances of success.

Also make sure you are installing the latest 7 drivers for your architecture (x86 or x64)
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I'll give it a try.
Here's what I've done to fix this issue. First download the latest driver(260.99), then disconnect your internet connection so 7 doesn't automatically try to update the driver. Next remove the current nvidia video drivers in programs and features(in control panel). Restart, and go into device manager, expand display adapters, right click on the video card and choose uninstall, in the box that pops up put a check next to delete the driver software for this device and click ok. You may have to this a couple time depending on how many older drivers 7 is storing, you want to do this untill it has a ? or ! and says vga controller once you are here install the latest driver. What this does is gets rid of the OS's default driver that for some reason(just like in Vista) wreaks havoc on nvidia drivers. I have had this method work many times, the 2 times it didn't work it turned out to be a failing video card.
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thank you i will try this.
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