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Installing Wildcard Certificate in Exchange 2010


We currently have an Exchange 2007 and I've recently installed an Exchange 2010 to migrate to. Can anyone point me to an install guide on how to install a wildcard certificate in Exchange 2010?

Thanks in advance for any help
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I create the request and then choose to complete the reqest. When the wizard is done with the complete request, it says everything was done fine. Yet it still says the request is pending. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong
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Once you have the Certificate Request you need to generate the certificate.  You can do this using a local Certificate Authority or go to an outside authority such as or I recommend and outside Certificate Authority.  This will give you a certificate.  You then place the certificate on your server and perform the Complete Pending Request.
Thank you.. I already have the CRT file from Network Solutions. I ran the "Complete Pending Request", browsed to where the CRT file is located, and completed the wizzard. The wizzard said it completed successfully. Yet it still says the request is pending and it wont allow me to assign any services to it.
I have not seen this before.  I will research it.  Is your certificate in the Trusted Root?
Yes... It is in the trusted root
Under Exchange Certificates, what happens when you right click on the certificate?  Can you see Add Services to Certificate?  If you do, what happens when you click it?
The only option I have is to "complete pending request" and that is after I've already completed the pending request.
What is in the status field of the certificate?  What happens if you run "Get-ExchangeCertificate" cmdlet in the exchange shell?
Ok... I was able to get this working. I took the wildcard certificate on another server of mine, exported it into a PKF and then imported it into Exchange using the GUI.

I'm having a problem getting the IMAP and POP services to bind to it, but I'll open an new thread for that.

Thanks for your help!! :)