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we sometimes received files in TIF, each tif has more than one page, some of them have more 200 pages.  When we put those files on the server, some users can only see first page, what is the best free view out there? thx
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I like Irfanview , it will display multi-page TIFs.

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what DaveBaldwin said - IrfanView
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It is disappointing that the successors to Windows XP lost the functionality of the in-built "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer". In Vista and 7 the replacements are Windows Photo Gallery" and "Windows Photo Viewer", and the Win7 Photo Viewer does not fully support multi-page TIF/TIFF files derived from JPG images.

As far as I know (Vista certainly, but not sure of Win7) the replacements are still part of the Windows "shell" and use the internal resources of the system file "shimgvw.dll" (Shell Image View), and would have been ideal as simple viewers were it not for the retrogession in functionality by the XP successors.

With most "TIF Viewers", or image editing applications that support the viewing of Milti-Page TIF/TIFF files (eg. IrfanView and FastStone Image Viewer:, the viewer is only going to be presented with the first image anyway.  Applications, including the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer add or make available the additional page navigational toolbar buttons for a multi-page tif file on demand.

Are you looking for a way for people to see an "index sheet" of thumbnails that represent the separate pages?  Something like the left pane of a PDF file in Acrobat Reader but spread all over the viewing area?

I sense that you don't really need editing capabilities, or necessarily want or need the option for users to Resave images, so whatever image viewer you opt to use you should maybe check and see what toolbars and menus can be hidden or shown. IrfanView allows control over these under the "View" menu, so I agree with the others that it is probably your best choice unless you want an "index sheet" of thumbnails.

Info Note (in case it proves useful to you): The FastStone Image Viewer can be used as a "portable" application, and is what I run as an image viewer from a USB Flash Drive:
On second thoughts, you an arrange the IrfanView Thumbnails window so that it works like a full index page, and double-clicking a thumbnail opens that page in a new window on top of it.  Main window > File menu > Thumbnails.  Thumbnail window > Options menu > Set thumbnail options.  Drag and resize the thumbnail window or maximize it. Options menu again > Save current window size and layout.
Thank you mcrmg
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