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Sharepoint 2010 Storge Calculation

I want to setup a Sharepoint 2010 site with a front end server and a separate SQL Server on a Server 2008 VM.  We have about 300 users and about 50 GB of shared documents currently that I want to put on Sharepoint.  I would like the ability to grow this to at least 200GB.  We want to be able to search these documents and also put in workflow using infopath and onenote.  

Does anyone have any thoughts on sizing of each server regarding # of processors, RAM and disk space?  Your help would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks in advance!
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I see the sizing chart for the SQL DB server, but what about the WFE and App server...just use the 80 GB drive size and that is all for each server?  Thanks very much!
Yea, the WFE and App server dont store data as it all gets stored in the database.
As a general rule, you want at least 8 GB RAM on WFE and APP servers, and 16 GB for SQL.  Most Production SharePoint servers have at least two volumes: one for the OS (typically C:), and one or more additional.  You would be pretty safe having a 50 GB C: volume on your servers if only the OS and App files are there.  

-Whatever your estimate is for how much data you think you will be adding to SharePoint over the first year, I would have double that in SQL Data disk space (the drives your databases live on).  Also consider Search DB size and Logging DB size.

-Your Query servers will hold the index, or a part of the index.  Most people say index size is 20 - 30% of the size of your content sources.  Though I've found this to be a high estimate.

-Diagnostic logs will take up space on your front end servers as well.  You can set a max size on these.

-IIS Logs on your front end server take up space.

Also, depending on usage/IOPS, running SQL in a VM is fine.
Thank you so much ACH1LLES....that is some more awesome information.  You guys are GREAT!
Any thoughts on if I should run Server 2008 Standard or Enterprise edition?
I don't work for free :)