New email opening full screen automatically?

Received this email from a user today:

"When I am working in a program like Sirsi or OCLC, and I receive a new email message, Outlook boots me out of the program I am in and opens up the new email message.  Is there a way to turn this off?  I checked in a couple of manuals and didn't find anything."

When she says "boots me out", she just means that Outlook expands itself and the new email is previewed.  Any ideas?
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NOTE: You should always identify the version of Outlook and Windows.

Did she install any add-ons into Outlook?  Did she install any macros?  Does she use a rule that commits some custom action (uses the "perform <a custom action>" clause) or runs a program (uses the "start <application>" clause)?
sbumpasAuthor Commented:
No, the user does not have access to install anything that might require admin access.  Also, she does not have the knowledge to set up a custom action.

Version is Windows 7 Enterprise with Outlook 2007.
Not having the knowledge doesn't mean she didn't run some program that made the changes.  Have her go look in Outlook to see what macros are listed and what rules have been defined, if any.  Macros and rules do not require admin privileges to install or define, nor would a utility that doesn't install but just runs to make those changes.
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sbumpasAuthor Commented:
Macros are greyed out, can't add or remove them.
"can't remove them" sounds like there are some installed.

Has this user yet tried loading Outlook in its safe mode (outlook.exe /safe) and left it running that way when a new e-mail gets received to see if the behavior remains the same?  Have her load Outlook in its safe mode and then send a test e-mail (from an account NOT defined in Outlook) to one of the accounts polled by Outlook to see if it still goes fullscreen (to steal focus) when a new message gets received.

Is it Outlook's own UI that appears fullscreen when there is a newly received e-mail?  Or is it the notification window or an alert window?

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sbumpasAuthor Commented:
I went over to investigate your ideas, and the user reported that the issue has disappeared on it's own!  I will respond to this thread if it comes back - thanks!
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