Need a sql command to delete records under a given time frame.

I need a sql command line to delete any records that are older than 30 minutes everytime a php page is loaded ...

<?PHP $sql="DELETE FROM prodcen_telcrm WHERE last_updated...."

Last updated field is as follows:
YYYY-MM-DD 24:59:59
ISO 8601

Thanks Experts !!
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Ray PaseurCommented:
$my_time = date('c', strtotime('Now - 30 minutes'));
$sql="DELETE FROM prodcen_telcrm WHERE last_updated < '$my_time'";

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Or the MySQL equivalent

$sql="DELETE FROM prodcen_telcrm WHERE last_updated < adddate(curdate(), interval 30 minute)";
Ray PaseurCommented:
@Imaginx:  cyberkiwi and I often think alike.  Our assumption here is that you have defined this column as a DATETIME field.  If that is not the case, please post back here and we will suggest how to use ALTER TABLE to add a DATETIME column so you can use the familiar and effective code constructs.  This article may be helpful to you.
ImaginxAuthor Commented:
You guys both have helped me in the past, and here you are to help again. Hope you enjoyed your holidays.

Ray, the function you wrote was what I was looking to achieve.

Cyberkiwi, the query you wrote was exactly what I was looking to learn - I'm a little more familiar with PHP, but I knew that mysql was capable of such a task as well.

The two of you are great assets to this community. Thank you.
ImaginxAuthor Commented:
@cyberkiwi - seems that the sql command deletes records over 24 hours or 1 day & 30 minutes .. ??
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