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enable and disable wifi radio on windows 7 pc

I have a tablet PC app written in MS Access 2010 with a alot of VBA.  Does anyone know how I can enable and disable the WiFi radio on th tablet with using vba or launching another program or dos commands.  I want to conserve battery life and just turn on WiFi when needd.  We have used Devcon but it requires different settings based on the PC manf.  
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Usually the switch IS hardware specific

you may get better success trying to disable a service
I think this util can be tweaked to do it.
The DevCon command-line utility functions as an alternative to ...

You should be able to use this, but I havent tested this on Windows7...... If you were just going to use it on YOUR machine, where you know the Device Instance ID, would be easy, but to insert for MANY people to use, wouldnt be feasible.....
Hit submit too fast.....

Meant to ask, by your question, is that this is not just for YOUR use?
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We have about 30 inspectors that will be using the appllication, about 90 within the next year.  Even the tablet PC itself could vary depending who has the best tablet at the time of implementation for the group of users.  Basically the application, based on a menu selection, turns on the wifi, connects to a wifi location under control of the user, uploads and/or downloads information and then turns off the radio.  Communication with the servers is on required once or twice per day.  Also users are not very technically inclined.   Thanks.
this is definately a reminder of why it is best to maintain common hardware

it would probably be closer to possible if you could atleast specify a brand
then you may have a better chance of uniformity

some systems only have software controls
other laptops and tablets have physical switches also...
which control the component conected to the motherboard

I agree BUT, at this time there are very few Windows tablets available.  Other than the new HP Slate 500, most other windows tablets are assembled in China or Korea and packaged by US resellers.  Who knows what will be available during the next year?

I not going to subject our users to always having to drive a Toyata even though the new Chevy or Nissan may be better, just to make my job easier.
One way to manually turn off the wireless on all Windows 7 PC's is using the Widows Mobility Center from the contols panel.  If someone knows how to control that panel using a script or utilitiy it would work for all Windows 7 PC's.  All suggestion greatly appreciated.

As I stated in the initial question, we have used Devcon.  It does work, but device ID is differenent for each PC.  We will continue to use it if we can not find a better solution..  Thanks.
sometimes we bend over backwards trying to make things work....
but then again that's why we're here
...and it's job security

I feel your pain - implementing newer 'cutting edge' tech is always problematic

it just seems like we should be able to do this!!!!!!

I marked this for monitoring - I'd love to find out if you end up with a solution
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I found a software provider that had a simular product.  His current product is designed to turn off the wireless on a PC when his software recognizes a hard wired connection.  Sase Sham, the developer, modifed his software to simply turn on and off the wireless radio by entering "enable" or "disable" after the executable.  It works great and is fast.  I tested it on a Thinkpad and on a Tablet Kiosk tablet PC.  This product is designed for Windows PC's.  Cost is minimal.  It is just what I was trying to develop or get a solution for.  I can simply call his program from MS Access using "enable" and it will turn on the WiFi radio.  Once the download or upload process is complete, Access will again run his software using "disable" and it will turn off the radio.  His web site is   
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