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Can I enable multiple RDP sessions to a windows 7 computer?

We have a windows 7 machine on the domain with a windows 2008 server. We need to know if it's possible to have multiple remote desktop sessions to that one windows 7 machine.
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It is not possible.
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no but you can use other applications
ie VNC etc to create a second connection
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so your saying with VNC I can achieve multiple people to log into it at the same time?
No, he was indicating you can create a second connection to the PC with VNC.  This is a console control application, though, so if you have a user actively using the Win 7 machine, it won't be an option.  Windows 7 (as all Windows client OS) are not designed to host more than one remote session at a time.  If you need more than that, you must use a Server level OS (2003, 2008).

Be advised that doing the method mentioned in post http:#a34430945 modifies the core OS and nullifies any support or warranty by Microsoft for the OS.   That nullification also includes security ramifications.  I would strongly advise not doing that.

I agree with DrUltima

It just means that it is possible but I personally not recommending to change any core files.
Specially if it is not a ligit file which came from Micro$oft.
DrUltima: I did mention that their server is 2008 tho.
Also rsultan:: I already have tried those. The executable says it wont work on this OS (looking for an older build of windows 7)
Are you asking if a single client PC can have multiple connections to the Server 2008 server?  If that is the question, than yes (assuming each session has a different UserID using it).  But they way it was worded made me believe you wanted to connect to the Win 7 machine from multiple sources.
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Software actually did what I needed it to do. Thanks! Works great!