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Mapped Drives dissapearing - Mapped via SBS login script - SBS 2008 / 7 Pro / XP SP3

I am haveing a simalar problem to the one emntioned here:

However the server is SBS2008, and workstations are XP Pro SP3 and Win 7 Pro.

All run the script at startup.  two of the Win 7 systems map, then loose the mappings almost immediately.  Sometimes they dissapear randomly durring the day.  RE-running script resolves the problem, however client does not sonsider that a solution.

This is an inherited server, so I am trying to figure out what might have been stup that causes this.

Any ideas?

Script contect:

Net time \\sbsvr08 /set /y
net use /delete y:
net use  y: \\sbsvr08\AMICUS /persistent:yes
net use /delete t:
net use t: \\sbsvr08\timeslips /persistent:yes
net use /delete q:
net use q: \\sbsvr08\quickbooks /persistent:yes
net use /delete s:
net use s: \\sbsvr08\wpdata /persistent:yes

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Sorry for Typos, haven't had my coffee yet!

Both XP and 7 systems have the problem.
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Have you tried removing the net use /delete xx: entries???

If your drive mappings are not going to change there is no need to delete them.  Especially if you instruct them to persist.

No I have not, I will try that.
That did not solve it...  ...although one of 4 drives stayed connected one one pc.
When I removed the delete lines, it mapped, but programs could not access ther drives...  ...i have put script back to original.

Any other ideas?
Let me check a couple of resources.

This raises something of interest:

Still checking though, this is odd behaviour indeed.

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I tried that, it slowed down the initial mapping time, but after a few seconds the mapping disappeared right before my eyes again!!!

As I understand the article, the change only needs to be run on the server. Correct?
Correct, only on the server.

You can try running the command on the clients as well.  Tell me about your offline files settings, (if any).

I have not made any specific Offline Files settings, this is an inherited server setup, and I have had lots of issues along the way...    ....where would i check for that? I have not made modifications to those settings before.
You can first check the workstation (Open an Explorer Windows --> Tools --> Folder Options --> Offline Files Tab).

As for the server:

Start here for some basic information.

This solved the issues at one of the Two locations. The other is still a work in progress.