wjview.exde is causing 100% cpu usage in windows 2003 server


on one of our windows 2003 servers, we have been getting 100% cpu usage due to wjview.exe when i launched task manager and identified this process.  Heard it is a safe windows file from microsoft but if it uses 100% cpu can i simply disable it or is it a possible virus?
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Have you done a complete malware scan?  It could be infected so it's worth taking the time to scan it.

Here is some info on wjview.exe:

dankyle67Author Commented:
yeah i noticed that the sophos antivirus autoupdate had failed and when i tried opening sophos antivirus main window it also failed so will run a malware scan using malwarebytes first and see what it produces, thanks for now.
Process Explorer

Double click wjview.exe, and select the Threads Tab, and double click the highest CPU hog, and paste the contents here please...

If it is a legit process, you need to know whats causing the problems......This might help.....

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Also, in the TreeView of Process Explorer, you can see what process started it. Check the File Properties, to see if it is a legitmately signed .EXE.....
dankyle67Author Commented:
Unfortunately, a local user on the console had stopped the process before i could check this.  I am logged into server remotely and didnt even know they did that.  Server is really sluggish now even though cpu usage is only 10% so strong chance it is a virus.  Currently, i am scanning it remotely with sophos using one of the other servers.  Hopefully it catches something.  I've recently used that process explorer for detecting mal/generic -a virus and it worked in identifying the process which was called ofex.exe which is from facebook virus.  Thanks
What about DPCs and Interupts, those look ok in Process Explorer?
dankyle67Author Commented:
sorry what is DPCs?  Decided to just use spare server to take place of this old server so most likely will disconnect this problem machine from network.  Thanks for all the help anyway.
Deferred Procedure Call

One way to resolve it at least...  :)
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