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Exchange 2010 Roles

We are starting up a new 2010 Exchange server and going to run it on Hyper-V.
The domain controller is not going to be housed on the same physical server as Exchange.
 How many of the remaining server roles can be installed on the exchange server.
* Client Access Server
 * Hub Transport
* Edge Transport


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You can install Mailbox Server, Client Access Server, Hub Transport Server, Unified Messaging Server.
Edge Transport Server needs to be installed on a separate server outside domain in DMZ.
See here for more info -
I should clarify - in the case where you have a single Exchange server will all roles installed, the Edge Transport role is not used. And, I don't think it needs to be said that this is a less secure option than having an Edge Transport Server role installed outside the domain DMZ as Iciprianionut says.

Also, I am unfamiliar with the requirements of 2010 vs. 2007, but an Edge Transport Server Role is not required in 2007.
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Is the Edge Transport Server mandatory?
We currently have in place a Barracuda Virus / Spam server appliance that handles all incoming SMTP connections
No, Edge Transport Server is not mandatory,  Hub Transport Server will do all the things in the case with only one server.
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Except Edge server role, rest of the roles can be installed on single box