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Merging old external USB drive to time capsule

I just got a time capsule and I want to know how and if possiable to take my existing USB external that I had been using for my time machine and copy it to my time capsule.
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could this work with a time cap that is backing up two laptops?

Laptop A is the only one I had been using an external for and laptop B is so new that I hadent really been doing many backups with it
Yes, it will work for multiple backups, because each backup would have it's OWN .sparsebundle. Each machine will only back up to it's own sparsebundle, recognizing it by name. I don't know if there is a technical limit to how many machines can use on Time Capsule (though there is a practical limit due to performance limiting factors. In fact, the TC was designed specifically for being a backup destination of multiple Macs.

If you do migrate two backup sets from two different computer, after doing the first one, just be EXTRA, EXTRA careful that when you do the SuperDuper step, you don't replace the wrong SparseBundle on the TC since SuperDuper WILL LET you. Time Machine will not use the wrong one however so long as both computers have different names in System Preferences >> Sharing
I am not at my home network yet but when I get back from UK I will check it out. On the plane now heading back. I will report tomorrow. thanks
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