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Monitor Resolution

Hello Experts,

I have a dual 19" Dell 2007FP monitor setup on Windows 7 64-bit. Recently I needed to change my resolution on one monitor from 1600x1200 to 1024x768. When I do so, the resolution of the monitor stays the same (1600x1200) but the window that shows my desktop shrinks having a black boarder. Having the black boarder is just wasted space.

I tried to reset the monitor to factory default, rebooted Windows without any luck and even installed the monitor drivers. Can anyone help me figure why my monitor won't fill the entire screen when changing the resolution?
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LCD monitors are more resolution-restricted  than the old CRT (TV-style) monitors.

That's because the LCD monitors are actually solid state devices with fixed pixels. The image isn't "painted" on by a magnetically aimed beam of electrons, like in the CRT.

So, it is likely, for the 1024-768 resolution, you are gonna be stuck with that black border. 1024x768 is close enough to 1600x1200 that the monitor can't interpolate the pixels efficiently.

Don't give up completely, however. Can you use a slightly different resolution? Like 1152x870?

A resolution a little above or below 1024x768 may scale much more effectively, and result in a whole lot less wasted space.

Good Luck!
Check you have the most recent drivers for your graphic card.
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Right on the money!