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Upstart script for MySQL 5.5 Under Ubuntu 10.10

Hello all,

I have installed MySQL 5.5 from a tar ball on my Ubuntu 10.10 server. Since there is no 5.5 available from apt-get I had to do that by hand. It is working fine and I am happy with it.

To start my server I do /etc/init.d/mysql.server start

All is fine. However, when you do it via apt-get to have version 5.1 installed, an upstart script is NOT created but MySQL will start automatically when the machine boots. I haven't inspect that much to see from which script that boots up.

I then found this that explains how to create an upstart script and as you can see it is just a few days old.

Before I go and do that, I wonder what would be the best approach to make sure MySQL starts when the machine boots up.

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You can add "starting mysql" ( /etc/init.d/mysql.server start) to your rc.local file and it will start on every boot. Simple sollutions are the best ;)
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Did not have any good answers to it.