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Crystal Reports - Displaying different Data

NEW.rpt OLD.rpt

Attached please find the 2 reports. I have built NEW report based on OLD report. Both reports point to the same stored proc and so the same number of records. The NEW report is displaying less data than the OLD report. I have added all Groups and Sorts and checked everything but I am not able to figure it out why is the NEw report showing less data. Can someone please help me figure it out? I need the NEW report ASAP. Thanks
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When you say less data, do you mean it is returning less rows?  turn off smart linking and make sure the links are the same.  
nm wouldnt apply to stored procedure
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Both rpts pull same # of rows but NEW displays less data than OLD!!!
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Does the report have saved data?

What do you get when you refresh both reports?

What sort of data is missing?  
Can you give more detail on what you mean by less data?

Has the SP been changed?

Are you passing the same parameters?

dont send any saved data as it is likely to contain sensitive info
It is TEST data. Both OLD and NEw rpts return the SAME # of Rows. But in Group 5, less data is displayed in NEW rpt and old rpt displays more data in Group 5!!! Stored Proc has not been changed.
Did you try refresh after the report is displayed?

Yes I did refresh the report. The result is same! Both rpts return same # of Rows but old displays all data and new is suppressing some of the data in Group 5!!!
The only suppression is on the group footers for GF5.

Have you verified all formulas are iddentical?

You have uploaded the reports with data but you are apparently using something that my version Crystal doesn't have so the data is discarded since the formulas won't compile.
I can't see where the issue is.

Some of the sections between the reports are different heights so if what you are seeing is data being on a different place on the page then maybe you aren't missing data but are just seeing the effect of it being formatted a little differently.

In checking one of the suppression formulas I note there is a difference.

Old uses
New uses

My experience says these are different versions of the same SP.  IS it possible the SP has changed since OLD report was built?
Try a verify database on both reports and see what the results are.

Stored Proc - The code is same on both of them; only they are named differently. Both rpts pull SAME # of Rows; it is something in rpt file that is suppressing the data on NEW

The rpts are in CR 9 as they will be run thru' an old app.
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Like mlmcc, I can't see the saved data, because CR can't compile one or more of the formulas.  I don't know if this is the only problem, but the Age formula uses a CalculateAge function that I don't have.  FWIW, if you can remove/replace that function and repost the reports, we might be able to see the saved data.

 As for your problem, while the reports appear to be using the same stored procedure, there is a difference.  I noticed that the old report is grouping on the Entered field, which is a string, but the new report is grouping on a formula named EnteredString, which converts the Entered field to a string.  The Entered field in the new report is a datetime.

 So, while they appear to be using the same stored procedure, they are not showing the same fields for the procedure.  Did you do a "verify database" in each report, as mlmcc suggested?