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connecting laptop to monitor with HDMI to DVI-D gets low resolution

I have an HP DV7-2270us laptop, it comes with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650
video adapter. I am connecting it to a Dell 3007wfp monitor using an HDMI
(on the laptop) to DVI-D (on the monitor cord) connector. This works, except that
the maximum resolution on the second monitor is 1280 x 800. How can I get this
to a higher resolution, or is that not possible?
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you might be able to increase the ram assigned to the card, but I believe you're stuck as you can't upgrade the card on a laptop without disassembly.

If you're up for disassembly, you can browse ebay for a laptop video card for your laptop with more video ram.
The max resolution for the ATI HD4650 is 1920x1200, the max resolution for the Dell 300ywfp is 2560x1600 .  It sounds like you may have a corrupt driver or not all of the ATI Catalyst software is installed.  I would download tell latest ATI Catalyst package, install it and see what happens.  Also are you running this as an extended monitor or mirror monitor?
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extended monitor. Yes I downloaded the latest catalyst package and tried to install it, but
it crashes. I spent a couple of hours googling and trying to get it to run, but it always
crashes. I don't know if that will even fix the problem. The driver I have is 7/2/2009,
and the latest catalyst is 2010.
disassembly - no, is there a service that does that? Like geek squad?
What O/S are you running on this?
windows 7 home premium 64 bit
how much ram does the video card have on your unit?
1024 MB
Does it give you the option to show resolutions it can't handle?  Also what is the refresh rate you are running at?
option to show resolutions it can't handle - yes I tried that, but it did not show anything new.
refresh rate is 60 hz - only option available
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The Dell 3008wfp however supports many more resolutions.

is there an external video adapter that I can use with my laptop that can give me 2500x1600?
Or is it possible to change the internal video card?
There's nothing I have heard of thats currently for sale that will do 2560x1600