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Exchange 2010 \OWA to \Exchange redirection


I am setting up a test lab using ESX, so there is no internet connection available in environment.
Windows 2003 R2 DC.
Exchange 2003 FE, BE.
Exchange 2010, CAS, HT, MB roles
All are in individual VM's

DNS have CNAME record "" pointing to CAS and "" pointing to FE.

Exchange 2003 FE outlook web access is configured not to use SSL using a registry hack.
so the URL is which does works

I am trying to access legacy mailbox via which should redirect to
I have configured the external2003URL attribute on OWA virtual directory.

I am not getting the result.

Is it important to have 2003 on "https" for this to work?
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Use SelfSSL if you dont want to put CA in test env.