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WAN link Disater Recovery

Hello Experts,

I am looking to implement a Disaster Recovery site at our remote office location.  The plan is to do SAN-to-SAN remote replication going both ways.  We however do not have a dedicated WAN link between sites.  I'm new to dealing with Telecommunication Vendors and I've never had to setup a point to point WAN link before so I am hoping to get some help from those who have.

A few questions that I have:

1.  We only have about 1.3 TB of data and we do not have a high transactional environment, how much bandwidth will I need.
2.  What options will I have in regards to a WAN Connection (ie, fiber, T1, DSL, cable, etc...)
3.  What would a ballpark cost be to implement the connection and what are the monthly recurring costs?
4.  What configurations will need to be done on the firewalls at both ends to allow communication?

Any additional advice and or pitfalls would be helpful as well.



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1)  You need to monitor how much data you update when.  It does not matter what the "trasaction" rate it, it is the amount of work that a transaction can do.  We have one system were a single transaction could update 1 million rows of data.  You need to  pick peak update rate.  Doing an average over a 24 hour period does not cut it.  Doing 100MB over 24 hours is a big difference than doing 100MB during a single 5 minute period and then nothing for 23 hours and 55 minutes.

2) You needed to talk to your local telcom's providers.   I doubt if you can do point-to-point cable or dSL, but fiber, T1 are possibility.  In fact multiple T1's or fractional T3/DS3.

3) This depends on where you are located.  Normally this is distance sensitive.  The further apart the locations the higher the cost.

4) That again depends.   Since this will be a private point-to-point link, it does not need to go through your firewalls, so to make things simple I would not attempt to go through the firewalls.
If you go cable modem from somebody like Comcast,standard business speed (22 down about 3 or 4 up ) is about $60 bucks/mo with fixed IP.

What are you backing up?
Windows ?SQL?Exchange?
That will dictate replication software and options.
Do you need just off site data storage or high availability?

Then you might want to look at a visualized environment with something like Vmware and such.
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