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WARNING Post-reboot install failure 0x800719e4 KB2416400

I have big trubble with the Update KB241600 from Microsoft on
Server 2008 Standard x64. I have tried many solutions that i
have found in the internet.
1. I have installed the update with deactivated antivirus
2. with Admin Rights
3. manuell download manuell install
All Time the same failure.

Server 2008 Standard x64 SP2
All Updates installed
McAfee Antivirus 8.7 newest virus signature


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Try resetting windows update components
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hello dstewartjr
Thanks for your quick Replay but the same error is still on
Any other Idears ?
The solution did not work
Uninstall the Update kb2467659 is successful need no reboot
Uninstall the Update kb2422556 (The Update dosnt exist not have it installed)
Uninstall the Update kb2360131 (its successful but needs a reboot)
When i reboot the Server i see the following:
the updaes configured 0% von 0% I see this ca. 2min Then
the updates could not be configured to change to be reversed

failure 0x800719e4 = exhaust logfilesize

It is possible that the logsize caused the failure ?
I try to rename the cbs.log and post the result

I have rename the cbs.log but the failure is still on.
I have no more Idear
Please post your windowsupdate.log
Hello dstewartjr

here is the log

I hope it helps
I need windowsupdate.log, not the cbs.log
im sorry here is the windowsupdate.log

hello dstewartjr
first i wish you a happy new year tomorrow i can test the solution with WSUS.
I sign you when I have more information


The problem could not be solved
i have tested the solution 1 Issue 1 from your Link but the problem could not be solved
I have decline and approve the Update in the WSUS Console how is described in you link (Issue2). The Problem still gos on
When you ran the "Fix it for me" (from the first link I provided) did you run in aggressive mode ?

Make sure you have the latest "Windows Installer" ?

Maybe one of the methods A-E will help here
Hello i don't understand the question
What did you mean with aggressive Mode ?

First Link did you mean this link
Yes, that link....when you run the "Fix it " from that link, there is an option "Run aggressive options(not recommended)"

Try running that
All changes Fixits that i made on the Server with  no result. Thanks for your assistence.
I will try to make repair Installation from the HyperV Server Is this a good idear ??
In the moment I have no idear
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I hve write the solution that helps me
The other solutions could not solve that Problem . I hope my solution helps you.