Lost admin password for phpBB forum

I created a website using Joomla and some time ago someone helped me install phpBB so I could create a forum in the future. This was about a year and a half ago now and unfortunately I have forgotten the password for admin access to the forum. I have tried logging into the site using my Joomla admin password but this does not give me access to phpBB admin panel.

I am guessing that I can find the password somewhere in a database (i.e. using phpMyadmin in my cPanel). However, I am somewhat of a novice with web development and cannot find the information I need in the database.

If someone can tell me exactly where I can find the password or how to reset a new one I would be very grateful.
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Ray PaseurCommented:
You may not be able to recover the password.  In most installations, the password is not stored in clear text; instead a md5() or similar encrypted version is stored.  This prevents exposing all the passwords if a hacker or insider somehow gets a copy of your data base.  Sorry to say, this is easier than you think.

I would delete the current installation and start over with a completely new installation of the scripts (at the current revision levels).  If you have important information in your forum data base, you might want to hire a professional developer to help you get it right.

Sorry there is no magic bullet that I know of, ~Ray
Hagay MandelCommented:
Ray_Paseur is right!
The maximum you can achieve is exporting the forum content tables, reinstalling the forum module, and importing these tables content to your new installation.
Not required to re-install.
Do this: Login to phpmyadmin, select the database and go to the users table : phpbb_users
Edit the admin user, put the new password and select MD5 from the function list and save the record. See the screen shot:

Now login with your username and new password Change admin password for phpbb
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Rommel SultanCommented:
You might be looking at a wrong database.

How to reset my phpBB admin password?

To reset your phpBB Admin password, please follow these steps:
A) Identify the MySQL database associated with your phpBB installation

Using an FTP client, open phpbb config.php and find the following variables:


B) Access phpMyAdmin to reset the password.

     1. Click the corresponding table that stores username and password information: phpbb_users
     2. Click Browse located towards the top of your screen so that a list of users display.
     3. Find the account of user that needs to be changed (eg. Admin)
     4. Click Edit
     5. From the user_password row, click the Function drop-down menu and choose MD5
     6. In the box to the right of MD5, replace the existing encrypted password with your new password in plain text
     7. Click the GO button located towards the bottom of the page

gospelgeezerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everyone's comments.

I have followed the advice of rsultan and shaunak.

However, I still cannot access the admin panel for my phpBB forum. I have successfully changed the password in phpMyadmin but this user will not give me access to phpBB admin panel. Therefore, it cannot be the same admin user that was originally set up for phpBB

Having further investigated my problem, I think I must have accidentally deleted the original phpBB admin user several months ago. I probably did this in Joomla as I have a bridge installed (Blogomunity p8pBB) and if I delete a user in the Joomla User Manager it automatically deletes in phpBB database.

With this in mind, I now need to ascribe phpBB admin access to the appropriate user in the phpbb_users table. Is this possible and if so how do I do it?

Many Thanks

The default admin user has rights as per the below details in the table phpbb_users. Try to set the rights with your password and your email.
Also given the same in attached excel sheet.

user_id      2
user_type      3
group_id      5
user_permissions      zik0zjzik0zjzik0xs i1cjyo000000 zik0zjzhb2tc
user_perm_from      0
user_regdate      1293823474
username      admin
username_clean      admin
user_password      43ba96c671cd4e4bec558fc82838dea9
user_passchg      0
user_pass_convert      0
user_email      user@domain
user_email_hash      426774047715
user_lastvisit      0
user_lastmark      0
user_lastpost_time      0
user_last_search      0
user_warnings      0
user_last_warning      0
user_login_attempts      0
user_inactive_reason      0
user_inactive_time      0
user_posts      1
user_lang      en_us
user_timezone      0.00
user_dst      0
user_dateformat      D M d, Y g:i a
user_style      1
user_rank      1
user_colour      AA0000
user_new_privmsg      0
user_unread_privmsg      0
user_last_privmsg      0
user_message_rules      0
user_full_folder      -3
user_emailtime      0
user_topic_show_days      0
user_topic_sortby_type      t
user_topic_sortby_dir      d
user_post_show_days      0
user_post_sortby_type      t
user_post_sortby_dir      a
user_notify      0
user_notify_pm      1
user_notify_type      0
user_allow_pm      1
user_allow_viewonline      1
user_allow_viewemail      1
user_allow_massemail      1
user_options      230271
user_avatar_type      0
user_avatar_width      0
user_avatar_height      0
user_form_salt      a6a1cdfe91f67d5c
user_new      1
user_reminded      0
user_reminded_time      0


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