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spy cam for a nanny

I have a pc box that I need to make copies and keep track of my babysitter. I have been searching for a solution for this. for quite sometime. From what I can tell all I need is a small spy camera and a pc card of some kind. Has someone built something like this before and if so can you lend a hand on a recommended card and Camera to use. I am using Linux for this process or would like to.

I would also like to be able to logon remotely (i CAN SETUP the port forwarding) to be able to logon from remote location and watch footage as well as record for archive purposes.
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Sorry I mean to also add this needs to be wireless. I would like to be able to hang a hidden camera and allow it to communicate over a wireless connection.
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Have you tried doing a search on:  "Linux nanny cam"? There are lots of options already available.

for just a couple.

I have one of those and its pretty good.

Here is a big collection of nanny cams including wireless:
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Thanks deepdraw for this camera that you used. It gives me a better option of someone using something rather than posting something from a site they never used but just exist.

What did you use for your PC card and what operating system did you use? Have you ever tried to remote in from outside of your network and how was the performance when you remoted into your network from outside when trying to view the video. What software did you use to record the video and did watching the video live have any issues while it was being recorded.
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greg ward
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