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While running query determine if last rows column value has changed

Hope this make sense. Within a Stored Procedure, I have a large query pulling from several tables with lots of calcs for fields. One of the calcs I need I first need to check if  the items name has changed. For example: if ColA value is the same than colD = ColB + ColD else ColD = ColE. If I can't add it to my current Query, I'll just stick the results in a table and loop thru it. But not sure how to add it with my main query. Thanks in advance.
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Do you need transaction?

within a transaction, the row will hold a lock and cannot be updated by other.


query 1

begin tran
update tableA set ColA = 1 where ColB = 'ABC'

query 2
select ColA from tableA where ColB = 'ABC'

if you run query1 1st, then query 2
the query 2 will not response,
query 2 can select the value only after you perform a "commit tran" in query 1

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Can you provide some sample data and expected result?
Select *, Case ColomnName
 when 'Condition' then 'Value'
 when 'Condition' then 'Value'
 when 'Condition' then 'Value'...
End as ColonmName1 from TableName where ColomnName='Value'
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Here would be example query I have now

Select ItemName, sum(SerialQty) as SerialQty, sum(LotQty) as LotQty, Condition
From TableA
Where AreaZone = 2

So I would get results like the following:
ARAR     200      50     A
ARAR     100      10     B
BBCC      50        20     A
BBCC     70         90     C

what I need to do is add another col that accumulate SerialQty and LotQty until the ItemName Changes.
ARAR     200      50     A  250
ARAR     100      10     B  360
BBCC      50        20     A  70
BBCC     70         90     C  230

Maybe I can add afunction within the Query but I think I need an Id field to see what last record was. That's why I might need to add the results to a table and then do an update query. But I was hoping to avoid that and add it to my current query.

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Sorry for the delay. I thought it was working quite the way I needed but turns out it does. the only difference is I did not use a temp table. I wanted to add to my main query which I was able to do with your example. Thank you so much.