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Cisco Catalyst 3560 to Cisco SG300 Tagging Issue

I have a Cisco 3560 network and have purchased a Cisco SG300. I have set two ports on the Cisco SG300 as tagged to support a number of VLANs. I have done the same on the 3560 using dot1q and designating the uplink port as a trunk port.
The issue I have is that there is no connectivity via the trunked tagged links.
There are few options for config on the SG300.

Has anyone come across this issue and has anyone solve dit?
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I have the SG300 G27 and G28 ports set as tagged for VLAN 1,12,5,6 using the Web GUI (5 being Voice)
I have the Catalyst 3560 set as trunk mode on port f0/47 with encapsulation dot1q and vlans 1,12,5,6 allowed.
I am still getting no traffic through the trunk ports.
I have set the switch IP address to VLAN 1 and cannot ping it across the trunked and tagged connection or access the Web GUI.

Any ideas?
Have you figured this out yet? I am having similar issues trying to get VLANs to work on a SG300 connected to a 3750 Stack... I have two VLANs (data on Vlan1 and voiceon Vlan800) and the Cisco phones I plug in to the SG300 switch never pull the correct IP for the voice VLAN.
Your issues sound a bit similar to the ones I'm having, so I was wondering if you figured your problem out yet. :)