keep my gui widgets in the same position relative to the screen size

Im using wxpython GUI and I found today that when I take my app from machine to machine the set screen size doesn't for... then I explored sizers with the same problem ... so how can i keep my gui widgets  in the same position relative to the screen size... any suggestions and examples

Dolamite JenkinsStudentAsked:
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It depends on what widgets you use.  You may want to move some of them, expand others, group to move together, etc.

Can you make a screenshot and describe better your needs?
You should definitely download the wxPython demo as  Install it and unfold the Window Layout subtree (left pane). Then click on Sizers, and select the examples of the sizer usage in the listbox in the big pane. Then press the "Try it!" button and see how it behaves.  You can look at the demo code in the "Demo Code" tab.

It will be probably easy for you to follow the examples.

If you are used to the Deplhi way, have a look at the Window Layout -- LayoutAnchors/LayoutConstraints/Layoutf.  Pay attention to all tabs in the big panel, i.e. Overwiew, Demo Code, and Demo.

When having better idea what you really want, put your comment here.

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Dolamite JenkinsStudentAuthor Commented:
Pepr  thanks that demo is awesome ... im gonna leave this question open I have more questions
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Dolamite JenkinsStudentAuthor Commented:
perfect thanks
Dolamite JenkinsStudentAuthor Commented:
I ment to accept pepr's solution and award him the points...
Dolamite JenkinsStudentAuthor Commented:
solved... thanks
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