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Exchange 2010 cannot access OWA

I had an old server running W2K8 with Exchange 2007. I got a new server running W2K8 R2 and installed Exchange 2010. I migrated user mailboxes and Outlook seems to work fine. However, when I try to access OWA by any method I either get errors or a blank page. Starting with access at the server itself - using https://localhost/owa I get the usual page with the problem with the security cerrtificate (we are using a self signed cert.) but upon clicking the continue anyway I get to a blank page. At the bottom left I see the Done with the yellow exclamation point. Clicking on that shows a window with the following:

syntax error
flogon.js         line 1
Code:0           char 1

The same "error" appears when accessing from another workstation on the internal lan using https://IPADDRESSOFEXCHANGESERVER/owa

I kind of want to jump this hurdle first and then I'll worry about getting external access setup - have a couple DROID users anxious to get connected.
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Hi djerryanderson,

Not sure but check your browser settings under internet option.
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It's not the browser - this happens on every machine with default browser settings.
Hi djerryanderson,

Kindly check the internal and external URL mentioned under exchange management console > server configuration > client access properties > general tab

By the way, I found a couple articles that allude to adding applying Rollup 4. I'm going to try that too.
It won't even connect using https://localhost/owa. I may be missing something, but why wuold the internal and external URL affect that?
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Yes, the last article describes the issue exactly. I am applying SP1 right now and it says I am missing some of the prerequisites. Then I will apply rollup 4.
As per following article the above issue may occure if IIS prerequisites is not installed on Server08 R2

This article is a touch dated but does provide the solution. Looks like SP 1 is actually newer than the rollups alluded ot here. Anyway, an update is all that was needed.