changing the domain name for mailboxes

We are changing our domain name from to and I have a few concerns. My plans are as follows and if I missed something I'm hoping you guys/gals will chime in.

1. I was going to change the Default Policy by adding to the policy and unchecking the old policy. I believe this will create email addresses for everything with the new policy, retain the address as a secondary address and give new accounts only the address.
2. Not sure about the webmail address. Currently it's and I want it to be

I've done some testing on this by creating myself an email address at and I'm able to receive mail and this shows as my return address, but I want to see if I'm missing something before I "throw the switch" and do it globally.

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Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
First thing then you need to add an accepted domain: in order to be able to receive emails.

Did you change DNS records ? MX and A records for example MX records to point to and  A record to point to mailserver IP ? this will also solve your owa problem.


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Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
I guess this is Exchnage 2003 then an accepted domain will no more work

Why are you deleteing default Receipient policy ?

Create new one and set as Primary .

Check my previously answerd question ,Hope this helps
munozmAuthor Commented:
Sorry, let add more info for you...yes DNS has been setup and since I manually created myself a new email address with the new domain, I am able to receive email sent to it. My concern is how do I change the webmail URL from the existing address to a new one, yet have the ild also work. So basically I'm asking how to add a second URL for Webmail.
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