good graphs suggestions? C#, Java, Python, Perl -for displaying data

Are there any opinions on which language has the best graphs? I want to make nice graphs (like smoothed curves, bar charts, radial graphs and other ways of displaying data) and I am wondering if there is a language that has the best libraries or packages for this?
P.S. If you know of somewhere where I can see samples of the kinds of results please let me know. Mostly the language choices I guess are C#, Java, Python, Perl
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Go with ChartDirector ( ) and you can use any of these languages:
.NET, Java, ASP, COM, VB, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, ColdFusion, C++.

Perl is my favorite but I'm biased :-)

Good luck!

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onyourmarkAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks. How do you think it compares to

And if I want to use it in commercial software would I have to pay them each time. They say something about royalty free. Do you know about this?

ChartDirector Redistribute License
for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD
[P/N: 169204]
License for royalty free redistribution of ChartDirector runtime on Windows, Linux or FreeBSD. Provides the right to embed ChartDirector runtime in a product or system that is not for ChartDirector software development, and to redistribute that product or system to unlimited number of computers without further royalties to ASE.
 Includes one year free upgrade.
USD 499 each      

ChartDirector Developer License
for All Platforms
[P/N: 221397]
License for using ChartDirector on one computer/server running any operating system, for development, production or any other purpose

I use it internally for our intranet and therefore we didn't need a redistribute license, so I don't know for sure.
However their website seems to be clear that once you pay that one-time fee you can freely redistribute with no additional fees.
Chuck YetterCommented:
I've used ZedGraph, an open source .NET graphing package, available at .  It's written in C#, which is the language I'm using, but it can be used with C++ and VB as well.  No fees or royalties involved with open source.
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