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Need help figuring out Battery Backup needed


I currently have 6  8 Channel DVR's - Link here  If you click on specs it shows the power required is
AC 90V ~ 260V, 65W.

I am wanting to backup these with a battery backup (or multiple). Can someone help me determine how many battery backups I will need, and what voltage/wattage? I would also like you to explain how you came up with the answer so I understand. I really appreciate it in advance.
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Thanks for the help,
I just have one final question

are you using 110 or 220
I am not sure. What to I need to do to decide which I am using? Is one preferable over the other?

I also noticed on the APC Product selecter it asks for Operating Voltages, and so I'm assuming it's the same question as above, but how do I find this out? Thanks again
Depends on where you live. In the U.S., 110v is what is usually used (and what I'm using). The rest of the world is mostly 220v.

So what ever your "house current" is,  that is what you need to get.
oh, and I saw an error in my first post, should be:
"65W times 3 for 2 units"
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I live in the US, so I am very sure it is 110v. You were very helpful, thanks a lot.
Thank you much.   : )

110v for sure.
Not to confuse you, but just some fyi, I'm using 2 (low-end) APC 350s.
One has a computer, 15" crt monitor, and Linksys switch in the battery backed plugs, and a printer in a surge plug.
The other one has a computer, 19"flat-screen monitor, and a power strip with the router, cable modem, Vonage modem/router, and cordless phone base plugged into that, and a printer plugged into a surge plug.

I don't get a lot of computer run-time on just the batteries, but I kept just the phones working for several hours during one bad  power outage on one of the 350s.