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Laptop keyboard died.. possible problem with motherboard


I have a laptop, spilled water on the keyboard awhile ago.. it stopped working.. but everything else was fine.. i used the laptop as a desktop computer with a USB keyboard and mouse for months without any problems..

I recently took the laptop apart to remove the dead keyboard as I was going to replace it..

Now I have a strange problem.. perhaps I shorted the motherboard or something.. but now when I start the laptop with no keyboard.. it constantly spams "n".. somehow the motherboard thinks the N key is stuck or something

I removed all the hardware, except 1 stick of ram, and processor.. I have the motherboard on a piece of cardboard now and plugged into a monitor.. when i start it (obviously doesnt boot no hd).. it beeps repeatedly (from 'n' key being spammed)..

Any ideas/suggestions to try to save this motherboard? or is it trash now?

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did you plug in the keyb ?  if not - try it
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Dr. Klahn

Agree with nobus.  Plug in the keyboard and see what happens.
I did suggest having a keyboard attached in my first post.
Cheers ...Thinkpads_User
well thinkpads, i'm sorry, but i don't see it...
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Hey guys, sorry for late reply.. I did try plugging the broken keyboard back into the mother board before.. and it didnt do anything

I also tried plugging in a USB keyboard.. no change

I guess its screwed.. what a shame.. laptops are so cheap now .. no point in buying a replacement motherboard + keyboard..
now I have all these laptop parts and nothing to do with them lol
sell them on ebay !
Thank you. I was very pleased to assist. ... Thinkpads_User