Visible authentication details during secondary login through Metaframe Web Interface

I have a customer with an old version of Citrix Metaframe XP.  The users are set to connect through the web interface and then presented with the program neighborhood icons that they are authorized for.

With the newer web clients, when the user connects, they put their username, password and domain into the web based authentication page.  Then they click on an icon from the PN.  When the client starts, it fails the pass-thru authentication and redisplays the domain, password and usename in the username field in that order.   Seems very odd to me.

I tried turning off pass-thru authentication figuring it was just a version problem, but it didnt stop.  I did restart the services to no avail.

I have scoured google and EE but havent found a similar issue.  

Any help would be appreciated.  This isnt a huge problem because its redisplaying their own passwords.  But obviously any display of someones password is bad, not to mention the annoyance of having to correct the username field and re-enter the password.

Jon SnydermanAsked:
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Jon, On the client side there should be an ssonsvr.exe process running. I've found without this process the credential will not pass-through. If they are installing a newer web client, this is probably the case. Try install a newer full client, and the sso wrapper will be installed.

Jon SnydermanAuthor Commented:
Sorry,  I have been out of work this week.  I am going to try your suggestions when I am back next week.  If that works, then all clients would need to download and install the full client??

Thanks and I will update on Tuesday our Wednesday.
Jon SnydermanAuthor Commented:
I cant seem to find the ideal client on Citrix's website.  We are running the old Metaframe.  Can you suggest which "full client" I should be running for Win7 64-bit?

Thank you

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Jon SnydermanAuthor Commented:
THAT DID THE TRICK!  Thank you.  It works better.  Authentication actually passes through clean now.  I just didnt know which client to use.

Thanks again
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