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Writing a query to a database (MSACCESS)

I'm linking to external DBs through my app.  In doing so I have to write queries and save them for later recall.  I'm only running on a couple of hours of sleep when I tried this.  Then I realized that this is what an injecttion attack would consist of and why I was getting weird messages about my WHERE clause.  I'm not concerned about injection attacks on this C# app; it's internal only.

What's happening is I have a full query:
SELECT * from tblMyTable
WHERE tblMyTable.index = 1;

If I try to save that query to the MS Access MDB it throws an error because the actual query is run as it's saved; a query within a query.

The field that I'm attempting to write into is of type MEMO.  I can write anything else into it, but again, once I attempt to write SQL code it bombs.

I've tossed around the idea of hashing the SQL code before I write it but it would be nice if I could read it right in the table without decoding it.

Has anyone run into this before or have any suggestions on what I can do to get around it?

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Essentially, you're trying to saave a string, not execute a query.  Have you tried placing it in quotes, shich will treat it like a string, before writing it to the database?


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Like AielloJ said, I should be possible if you place quotes arround your query.

I that doesn't work,maybe you could add it in 2 steps.

First step, save the reversed query (
Insert tblSQLquery(SQL)VALUES(';1 = xedni.elbaTyMlbt EREHW elbaTyMlbt morf * TCELES')

Second step, update the record.
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Besides this, there are mechanisms dedicated to predefined sql, that is stored procedures, views or in access the different sort of queries. You actually will not use such a mechanism of storing sql code in a table.

Bye, Olaf.
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Hey Olaf, that sounds interesting.  I dont think I'll have a chance to play with this today, but I'll look at it latest tomorrow.

This interface is for me to quickly link to the external database.  The C# app runs on a protected computer with very limited access so I'm not concerned about injection on this one.  Had it been a web app then I wouldn't consider this.
I've not used C# at all, but I would think that another alternative would be to open a recordset, add a new record, and then set the value of the field you want to the value of the string.  In DAO, this would look like:

    strSQL = "SELECT [MemoFieldName] FROM tblYourTable WHERE FALSE"
    Set rs = Currentdb.OpenRecordset(strSQL, , dbFailOnError)
    rs!MemoFieldName = 'SELECT * from tblMyTable WHERE tblMyTable.index = 1'
    set rs = nothing
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Worked like a charm, I used an UPDATE table SET myMemoFieldName = @sql

Thanks again, Olaf!