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Copy contacts in Live Messenger

The most recent versions of Live mesenger no longer let you import a *.ctt file to export and import Live Messenger contacts. I have a client that uses Live Mess extensively in a call center and as people come and go, it's how we used to put everyones elses contact info into the new hire's IM program. Is there a different way to do it now? Is there a workaround?
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Incidentally, I find it strange that a call centre should opt for Windows Live Messenger for internal instant messaging rather than using a more slimline and bespoke application that I would have imagined should be one of the call centre software modules.  The whole "Windows Live" thing has become such a circus and they have jumped headlong into the "please be my friend" intertwined "facebook" type thing that cross-links all kinds of external junk into it.  I would imagine it to be an administrator's worst nightmare keeping all the external junk out of a workplace.
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Thank you HardwareDude