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execute remote linux script through ssh from windows

I am running windows xp and need to write a perl script that can

ssh to a remote linux box running ubuntu then
- change working directory
- execute one command

I have authorized the ssh keys so there is no password prompt when logging in
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Hey arnold, I'm about to try Net:SSH, basically it's a process I need to run everytime I want to publish something to my server so its not something i can schedule.
Net:SSH seems to require ssh to actually be available otherwise I get command not found. Can I just do
ssh user@remote_untu_system "cd /srv/bla/bla && git master origin whatever my command is"
I'm getting 'ssh' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

When I try to use that Net:SSH Module and i've installed cygwin, what can I do?
from within cygwin you can run ssh user@remote_ubuntu_system "cd /srv/bla/bla;git master ..."
or create a script that does what you need on the ubuntu, and runit
ssh user@remote_ubuntu_system "/path/to/script/"

You could use a script in a cron that looks for new files in a location.  If a new file is detected, the script will process the command.
find /path -newer "testfile"
If something is found, touch "testfile" this will adjust the point of reference on the "testfile" after you run the command successfully.