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Need help figuring out Symantec Backup Exec Procedure

Hello All,

     My friend just had his Admin quit on him and has asked me to help with his network until he can hire somebody new.  So far everything seems good but I noticed the backups weren't running anymore in Backup Exec 12.   They get the following error on all backups after having many successful backups until the guys left.

Final error: 0xe0000f16 - The operation failed to acquire the minimum number of drives and media needed.
Final error category: Job Errors

Now they have an HP MSL G3 Tape Library but only one side is working as they told me that and I can see a side being disabled in the picture below.  I'm not a Symantec Expert at all so I need some help on how I can add new tapes and mount them so they can be used.  I'm not sure how many tapes are needed per job so any assistance is greatly appreciated.    

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Rodney Barnhardt
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Usually, a device being disabled can be a number of things. I have seen a bad tape, or a tape stuck in the drive cause this issue. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to power off the tape library, then shutdown the server. Turn the tape library back on, let it initialize and check for errors, the power the server back on. Since this is an HP, download and run the tools\diagnostic on the library to check for any hardware problems.
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I know it's disabled because the magazine is broken.  They still have the right side of the library that works just fine.  I put in 6 new LTO3 tapes in the device and ran an inventory.  It has read them and has labeled them properly as Blank Media.  If I try to run a job though it still gives the media error above.  In symantec how can I mount these tapes so it knows that they are available.
Ok so now if I go to the Media section I see they created Media Sets.  I also see that the jobs they had running used these media sets.  How can I setup these tapes to be used now?  Thanks.
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I found the solution after some research.