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Configure Exchange 2007 to work with my Web page email.

I am trying to configure an exchange 2007 server to work with my webpage email. Can someone give me a framework? I am missing something.

Thanks in advance.
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When you run the Exchange Server 2007 setup program, the Client Access Role is checked by default.  However, if you did not install this role at first, you can return to setup's Roles menu via the Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs.

Use PowerShell cmdlets to manage the Roles of your server.

Check the roles:

get-ExchangeServer | Format-Table Name, ServerRole

Add more roles:

Setup /mode:install /roles:CA

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I was able to configure the roles. Verified that has installed properly. However, the Hub transport or ensuring that the DNS on the webpage email has the proper information as to send emails to Exchange is the issue.
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