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Incremental Backup Question

I know that incremental backup only backs up changes that have been made since your last full/incremental backup and it resets the archive bit. I dont understand why you need to a restore of every incremental backup after restoring your full backup. Say i create a text  file on Sunday and then do a full backup. Now everyday i make changes to this file and run incremental backups every night. If i delete this file, and i do restore using my last incremental backup file, i am able to see the file fine with its most recent changes, so when would you need to restore all incremental backups?
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As per my understanding, After full backup if you have schedule incremental then you will get recent data. at the point of restoration of data you need full back then you need last updated incremental data.

In case of differential backup, it backed up all the files rather than only incremented file. do in case of restoring differential data then you donot require full backup.
There seems to be confusion about backing up and restoring a file vs. a directory, and rishimehta01 seems a little bit confused as well. All backup and restore jobs always handle entire files. If you need to restore a single file, go find the latest backup that has the version of the file you want and restore it. It doesn't matter if the backup was full, incremental, or differential. It will have the entire file, and you need to run only 1 restore. It's different if you are restoring 1 or more directories, as leew said. You would first need to restore from the full backup, and then all of the incrementals, or you would need to restore from the full backup and then the latest differential.
Here's another breakdown.

Say you ran your Full on Sunday.  Monday through Thursday's incrementals run and you have a HDD crash Friday morning.  The data from your Full is 4 days old.  You need to restore your full, then restore each incremental in order in order to have your full data recovery.