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Macbook Pro Click Not Working

Hi Experts,

Thanks for reading. I have a Macbook Pro and the click on the trackpad is not working. However, the click used to work fine and I can tap the trackpad to "click" but pressing down for the click does not work.

I tried checking System Preferences but that didn't seem to be of any help.

How can I get the click to work again?

Thank you very much.
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What model of Macbook Pro do you have? This is a very common problem when the battery is failing on some models and it swells up putting pressure on the top case. Pull out your battery and look at it and see if your click begins to work.

If not, you may need your top case replaced.
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Hi renazonse,

The Macbook info is as follows -

Mac OS X
Version 10.6.5

Model Name: Macbook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,5
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.26 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 3MB
Memory: 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz

Hope this helps.

Additionally, I did not try taking the battery out yet as I do not have a screwdriver on me at the moment. I will let you know, though.

Any other suggestions, please feel free to let me know. Thank you very much! :)
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I have the same "issue" and Macbook. I'm not sure I had a click in the past so I thought it was normal..

the trackpad is available as a separate module in most cases, so a replacement of the entire top case shouldn't be necessary.

if you want to turn some screws:

i've seen a few of these parts fail due to corrosion or residue on the trackpad contacts.  there is a small cup-shaped piece of metal that gets squeezed with each press of the trackpad, causing it to close a connection.  i've never worked on this particular model, but the non-pro models i've worked on are all the same.  takes a bit of disassembly to reach it.  it's taped on, can be removed and cleaned (scrape with a small screwdriver until shiny), reassembled, and tested.
The trackpad needed to be replaced and was covered by warranty. Basically, bring it to an Apple store near you.