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passing parameters to php script

I want to send some parameters to php script:
The script is called in this way:
exec("path_to_php.exe sript_to_call.php." > /dev/null 2>&1 &");      
and I want to send one or more parameters to this script.
How can I do this? I'am not sure if this can be made with exec.
any help is welcome.
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Loganathan Natarajan
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try like this,
exec("php -f /var/www/html/ contact_id=$contact_id company_id=$company_id req_amount=$amount_1 > /dev/null &");
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logudotcom: how can I use contact_id in the script?
sorry, you need to have one more output variable and to be retrieved in the script.

exec("php -f /var/www/html/ contact_id=$contact_id company_id=$company_id req_amount=$amount_1 > /dev/null &", $output);

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sorry, but this is not working for me
if I make something like this:
exec($phpPath." ".Script.php." > /dev/null  &");      
the script is executed corectly
BUT when I make this
exec($phpPath." ".Script.php." definitionName=$_definitionName > /dev/null  &",$output);
I can not get the value of $output.
I tried to use in Script.php:
-print_r($argv) - not working
-for( $i=1; $i < $argc; ++$i){
         echo $argv[$i];   -  not working

I tried to remove  > /dev/null  & - not working
How can I get the passed value??
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Ray Paseur
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Helped me to find the problem.
Thanks for the points! ~Ray